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Afterglow is changing how we experience and capture live music. We believe that all music events you go to should leave you with a feeling of euphoria, and you should be able to accurately capture that rare emotional state to share with your friends and the world. We are currently working on an event discovery mobile app, that features user generated videos to promote music events in the UK.

Active permanent hires

software developer

Although we are much more than a technology company, our app is the main product we are focusing on to achieve our vision. To successfully build the app we need a motivated developer, keen on becoming a key part of our young and exciting business. Above all, we are looking for someone that is in it for the long run, that believes in our vision and works from a place of integrity.

Skills needed: 

  • Ability to build backend for iOS apps
  • Can integrate large databases from multiple APIs 
  • Has a keen eye from UI/UX and can help with the frontend just as much as the backend
  • Ability to eventually manage a team using agile methodology


  • Will end up as lead developer as company grows
  • Will have creative input into the product
  • Competitive salary
  • Equity in Afterglow
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