• What is afterglow?

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    Afterglow is an social event discovery app fuelled by your experiences whilst at gigs, festivals, parties and more



    We make event discovery FUN through user generated videos. Afterglow isn't just about buying tickets and finding the address of a venue, it's about following who you want to, discovering new music, new events, and having a profile that you care about as much as your Instagram



    Anyone that cares about live music and having a good time!



    Live music, whether it's a huge festival, a DJ set at an underground nightclub, or your mates band playing at the local pub brings people together and creates some of the best emotions and stories you will experience in your life. That is why we want to create a platform which embodies those experiences whilst making event discovery faster, more enjoyable and easier.

  • User Generated Videos

    Who wants to read about an experience?​

    Afterglow shows you the best user generated videos for every music event from small underground clubs to huge world renowned festivals.

    Group Buy

    "Have you bought your ticket yet?"

    Afterglow removes the anxiety of your friends not committing or forgetting to buy a ticket through "Groupbuy". Money will only come out for tickets once everyone in your group has accepted the Groupbuy.

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